The history of the Company at.

     Happy Home Cable TV was founded on 12 July 1999 and received a license. From the Radio Broadcasting Board of Thailand Public Relations Department First company Happy Home Cable TV With an office at 179 Soi Wachiratham 11, Sukhumvit 101/1, Bangna, Bangkok and has set up a cable network. Which takes 8 months to prepare the service for the members and the company provides full service In March 2000
     By providing cable TV Focused on sharp images Effective after-sales service Which at that time There are as many as 24 channels and service fees of only 360 baht. After that, cable TV Known And more popular, Happy Home Cable TV. More as well Even if there is no concrete advertising But with excellent quality and service Causing consumers to tell each other And have more members in order
     In addition, we have expanded the office. To Din Daeng To support the expansion And eliminating the problem of image clarity as well. The HTV branch 2 is located at the PM TOWER Building, No. 731, Asoke-Din Daeng Road, Din Daeng District, Bangkok 10400. Launched In June 2000 at PM Tower, using only 3 months to set up a signal network and set up an office. And open for service in September In that year, he received very good popularity and response. Causing the number of members And staff increased rapidly and eventually For efficiency and fast service Being one (ONE STOP SERVICE), we have combined the two branches together.

At the headquarters at 998/1 Onnut Road, Suan Luang Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250 You can contact the Call Center at 02 730 6921.

  Cable TV service
     We focus on our people. To achieve excellent service Which is the heart of Happy Home Cable TV Whether pre-sales or after-sales service By training personnel And checking the standard of service of all employees in order to achieve the highest satisfaction of members Including focusing on after-sales service Let the team solve various members' problems within 24 hours after receiving the notification. Without additional charges We also have a team to take care of members 24 hours a day in an emergency. Because the current television is one of the main factors In the life of our people today Which all members are assured that our service is not second to none

  Cable TV network
     Throughout the past We have developed a signal transmission system. Come continuously To keep up with technology By sending signals through the fiber optic cable to the main point And choose to use signal transmission equipment Both in the signal room And external devices Standardized Of the United States Which is the origin of cable TV And more importantly, we designed the system Network to the future To support technology That can send signals mixed with cable TV such as digital cable TV Internet system via cable Telephone system via cable, video system, on-line and other things that will happen in the future Which these things are ready in Proceed immediately when the law permits

  Social services

     We are aware Public service And society always comes Which we see local development With public relations for various events Not thoroughly And may adversely affect local people and communities We therefore established a local channel. To be an intermediary for coordination between government agencies and the public to make local news for people to know Various movements Of the activities of the government and communities which cannot be viewed from anywhere Including finding attractions, important places, and local famous restaurants That you may never Know beforehand to serve your home Social work We have cooperated Help And participation in various community activities because we have a policy To develop community, society and nation In the part that we can do To create benefits for the community, especially in the service area And also installed a cable TV system For government agencies, schools, various foundations to be viewed without any service fees for the benefit of finding various sources of knowledge If you want to look for cable TV systems That can meet your needs Perfectly To improve the quality of life Choose to use the service with us. Happy Home Cable TV "DTV service is clear" We sincerely do not neglect the service.