What are the different types of cable TV and what are the different signal systems?

What are the different types of cable TV and what are the different signal systems?

Have you ever wondered whether ... At present, how many types of cable TV signals do we see today and how different signal systems are available? Can cable TV improve our quality of life? Let's start to get to know each other seriously.
The first system starts with the MATV (Master Antenna Television) or the integrated TV system. Is a single image signal receiver And the distribution of signals to the buildings in different rooms or nearby buildings At present, we use satellite dishes instead of receiving antennas. Because it can change according to the weather Makes the image signal obscure Using satellite technology to replace the antenna Makes the image signal get sharper More stable Watch TV images flowing smoothly and without interruption.


Second system CATV (Community Antenna Television, Cable TV) or local cable TV system Is the distribution of video signal through the signal line from outside the building Enter inside the building And distribute the signal to various points in the building as a horizontal image Expand the area in a wide area, such as at the district or province level. This system does not require an antenna. But must have a quality signal cable That our happy home is called Fiber optic cable sure enough It is a saving of cost in attaching the signal at one point.


     How are you? When getting to know each type of cable TV Can make friends The decision to choose to use TV signals in each format is easier. Of course, today's technology Keep up-to-date with watching TV on your mobile phone. And see through the application again as well, making friends do not miss any news And various social trends, knowing every situation of the country Technology plays an important role in making life easier, easier for better quality of life ...