Advantages of upgrading to the FTTx system

Advantages of upgrading to the FTTx system

   1. Low signal attenuation (Low Attenuation) but supports higher speeds than ADSL systems. The attenuation of glass fibers Will depend on the wavelength used in the part And part of the fiber itself If compared with copper wires then Fiber optic cable Considered that the signal attenuation is much lower

   2. Can contain a large amount of data (bandwidth) or the width of the channel that can send data The wider the file, the faster the transmission of large data files. And the fiber optic cable has more bandwidth to transmit data than copper coper wire

   3. The cable structure is small and lightweight. Compared to the copper line, the copper line has a diameter of 10 cm, while the glass fiber is only 1 cm in size and is also highly durable. Very long service life If nothing is done with the line

   4. High voltage electricity does not affect the fiber cable. Since glass fibers do not have electrical insulation properties Even if touching the direct line, it is not sucked Does not induce interference from electrical currents Therefore, there is no impact on data transmission 

   5. Data is highly secure because the transmission of data through the glass fiber is a closed system. And because of stealing that signal Must be cut - connected to the glass fiber directly Or need to use special equipment to help, which is difficult

   6. In one area, supports more clients There is no problem with the answer "full line" with the FTTx technology that has expanded the Fiber Obtic network a lot and is much bigger. Causing one area to be able to accommodate more number of users than ADSL system, and because of Fiber Obtic network is a new network, all new wires are drawn Therefore do not have to have a headache with old telephone lines that do not know how many times have been cut Or has deteriorated problems

   7. In the first period, not many users The network is not crowded. It is our profit that has been upgraded before and has played the internet on an open network like no one has taken a lot of signal.