How to solve slow internet problems

How to solve slow internet problems

   Believe that almost every house now has internet installed. Because the internet has become an important factor in our lives And another problem that every home must meet is a slow internet problem, some people will blame most service providers But in fact, there are many reasons for slowing your internet. There are 6 main steps that can help make your internet back as fast as usual.

1. Check the settings in the router.

     It is very important. Which the router settings are strange from the original ones May cause problems And not changing the wifi code after the technician has installed it May cause hacking or have a neighbor secretly using our WiFi as well, causing the speed to slow down, so should reset the router once Which most of the service providers usually provide the router that has been set up. Resetting the router will not cause problems for sure. So we can reset the router and then change the WiFi code again.

2. Avoid things that will interfere with the signal.

     Router installation location should be placed in the middle of the usage point between users. And not near other electrical appliances, such as TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, where these electrical appliances are also disturbed And should not be near the window because it may cause the router to get hot and sunny, resulting in poor performance

3. Computer viruses

    Viruses or malware are things that can damage our computers. Or various abnormal symptoms Which these viruses will come from elsewhere via WiFi may result in slower internet Because it may be set to send data all the time As a result, our computers or mobile phones become delayed. The internet slows down abnormally. Or can not be used at all, so be sure to check whether the computer or mobile phone used in the home is infected or not And use a scan or virus removal program

4. Close all programs that use the internet.

     Will have programs on the computer And applications in mobile phones, tablets, some programs that use the internet behind the scenes called Running in Background. If it is a single device in the wifi band, it would be okay. But if multiple machines may slow the internet speed, users should check their own computers and mobile phones for which programs or applications are available. Which are not using these applications? If it is closed Because in addition to helping to make the home internet faster Also saves the battery of the mobile phone as well

5. Check if the router is broken or not.

     Which normally some service providers will change to customers immediately Because still in the insurance or anyway But knowing that the router is broken or not, can be difficult to see. We can test by Connect the computer to the router using a LAN cable and use the mobile phone to connect to the WiFi. If the mobile phone cannot play the internet But the computer connected to the LAN can show that the WiFi has a problem, but if that phone is the only device that can't use WiFi but notebooks or other devices, connect to WiFi and play the internet Indicates that the mobile device is broken, not a Router

6. Call the Call Center

     This may be the last way of many people. But in fact If there is a problem with the internet, immediately call the Call Center. Network outside the house And is the responsibility of the service provider as well The problem solving service will be even slower and longer. Quick notification Will be a great benefit to the users, in addition to the Call Center will help solve the problem Can also give advice That the problem occurred What causes it?