Cable Modem Technology

Cable Modem Technology

   Cable Modem is connected to the Internet via cable. Modem is a device that connects between Home users and service providers through fiber optic networks Or HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network. At present, the area where Cable Modem service is located in Bangkok and its vicinity

Cable Modem Operation

The operation of Cable Modem will have 2 types of services :

     1. A One Way is working at the Downstream to the cables. As for working upstream, it will come from the telephone line instead or simply one way. Users will be able to see only Can not interact back And may have to pay for the call to use the service But at present, most cable providers have almost completely upgraded the network to a Two Way model .

     2. The Two Way model is working on downstream and upstream from all cables. The advantage of the Two Way is that it does not need to pay expenses. In response, like the One Way , all two way systems are directly dependent on the cable. Or called Aways On, therefore users do not have to worry about the phone line being used anymore The one downside is that the service may be higher than One Way , and there may be some areas that still can not use Two Way up.