Understand Internet speed unit

Understand Internet speed unit

   At present, we often see these measurement units based on general advertising media, whether they are billboards, TV commercial brochures or on the internet. Which will be an advertisement for Hi-Speed Internet from many companies who provide internet service Which is faster?

First, we come to know the acronyms first.

Kbps = Kilobit Per Second

Mbps = Megabit Per Second

KBps = Kilobyte Per Second

MBps = Megabyte Per Second

B (Byte) Big B is a unit of data size.

b (bit) B. The small body is another sub-unit.

Internet speed that is commonly used to send and receive data is counted as a bit, not byte. Byte units are larger than the bit, can be compared as follows.

1 byte is equal to 8 bit

1 KB is equal to 1024 byte

1 MB equal to 1024 KB

1 GB equal to 1024 MB

1 TB is 1024 GB