What is the internet?

What is the internet?

Internet ( Internet) is two words that are combined. Inter means between or among the Net part, derived from the word Network. It means the network. When bringing the two words together, it means International communication network Caused by many small networks Connect between all computers

How useful is the internet?

1. The internet is a very large source of information. And easily created Accessible to all ages

2. A source for receiving - sending news in various formats such as mail, board, icq, irc, sms or web

3. Entertain entertainment, collect games, movies, news or many photo collections.

4. As a business channel Convenient for both buyers and sellers such as e-commerce market or money transfer service etc.

5. Use instead or supplement the media used to communicate at present, free of charge. And reduced time

6. Effective channels for publicizing products, services or corporate organizations